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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Free single, live news

Hi folks,

We're pleased to announce that our new single, the snappily-titled 'Lucille and the Safety Pin / Standing in the Rain (Talking to No-one)' is now available as a free download.

All you have to do is email and you'll get it emailed back to you. If you feel like telling us your favourite film or book, or just divulging some spurious personal information, that would be lovely too.

We will also be getting out and playing some shows over the coming months. Why not come on down and have a go at the 50-egg challenge (more details of which over there on the right)? If we're not playing in your town but you'd like us to, get in touch, we'll see what we can arrange....

Oh, and if you haven't seen the film Cool Hand Luke (yet), there is a video guide over there on the right to give you an idea of what we're always banging on about.

Lots of Love,