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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cool Hand Luke.... Finishing Touches

So it's been a mad few weeks, I've taken my solo show - with help from my RSP boys Pauly B and Elliott Gregg - around the country (well a bit of it) and played some of the most fun and some of the most ridiculous (sometimes both at once) gigs of my life.

Our last gig of the tour, and year, was in Birmingham playing for our good friend Addis, and who should turn up but our biggest fan (sorry Mum) - Fred from Wisconsin in the GODDAMN US of A!

Then last weekend me and Pauly B plus our families went to the last night of the Cool Hand Luke show starring Marc Warren as Luke. It was a really faithful recreation of the book, and I loved it.

I also met John Simm from one of my all-time favourite TV shows The Lakes, plus his mate.

Seeing the show was a great way to draw a nice line under the Cool Hand Luke period in RSP's life. We will still play the songs amongst our set, but we're moving onto a new old soundtrack and the album will be out next year. I've demo'd all of the songs and all I can say is you'd like them. You really would.

See you in 2012.