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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The RSP squad rotation system

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who has come out to see us on our 'Catcher' dates, there were certainly more ups than downs, which is always an achievement for us.

I wanted to explain our squad rotation system - I know it surprises and even amazes some people that we can play with a constantly changing line-up, but here's how it works....

Back: Pauly
Middle: Joel, Nelly, Elliott, Kelv
Front: Whynto, Kyle, Ochs

I write the music and then the 'original' line-up arranges the songs (Nelly, Paul, Ochs, Elliott, Kelv and I). Nelly produces the record at the studio now owned by Whynto (who also put a huge amount of time into editing and engineering the latest album.) Because RSP started as a side-project, many of the boys have other band commitments and some of them have young children, so we usually can't play with the whole 'original' line-up.

So, I'm the only band member who has done every RSP gig. If Ochs can't play bass then either Whynto or Joel can step in and do that. If Elliott can't drum then Whynto or Joel can step in and do that too (yes, they can both drum and bass the whole set - impressive!) If Nelly can't play guitar then Ochs moves up to guitar and somebody else steps in on bass (trivia: Ochs actually drummed on the recording of Real Cool Hand that was on the Frank Turner split 7".) There are other permutations but I'm sure you get the idea by now. Special mention also must go out to the 'one gig wonders' - Andi, who has drummed one set, and Jazzy Joe, who took on Pauly's trumpet/keys role for one gig. In vest, flip flops and pink shades.

It's not an ideal situation but I absolutely love it. We don't ever make any money from being a band, so this arrangement allows us to keep it going and still be able to fulfil live commitments. Plus, only a true fan can say that they've seen every single RSP member live - it's a bit like train spotting.

Before I go, two shows to tell you about: we are supporting our buddy Frank Turner in Manchester on New Year's Eve (alas, sold out) and on January 26th we are playing our 'Cool Hand Luke' album in full in Cambridge with accompanying visuals from the film. We can't wait.

Merry Christmas, here's to a happy 2013

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