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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Summer here kids

Hey folks. Thanks so much for everyone who came to see us at our recent London double-header - two great London shows on consecutive days, what's going on?? Check that excellent shot above by our good chum Ben Morse - top guy. A couple of bits of info:

1) We have a handful of new shows announced - one in London with our good friend Ben Marwood (this will be a stripped down line-up), plus a full-band show in Manchester and a few fun Summer things. Check out the live page.

2) I have pretty much written a new thing. I don't know yet whether it's an EP, album or a quadruple concept album, but I think we'll probably record it in the Summer. It isn't Cool Runnings. Or Jurassic Park. Yet.

3) If you're just dying to hear more of my dulcet tones while you're waiting for our new stuff, perhaps check this pay-what-you-want album I made with my former band? Get it here.

That'll do for now. Look after yourselves.


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