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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Hello folks,

I'm writing this with an acute case of the post-2000trees blues. We just got back from the best festival in the UK and we had possibly the best time ever. I have very many cherished memories from 'trees over the years, but this year might have pipped the lot. We played three sets in all, one in a secret area for our good friend Addis, one on the main stage (possible career high) and one at Camp Turner for some very excitable young FT fans. All were immeasurably fun and there is a picture from each below. If you cam to see us at one, or many of these, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WE LOVE YOU.

Next up for us is a slot at Wickham festival (just before DEXYS!!!) - if you'd like to come to that we can sort cheap day and weekend tickets, just email us. Then there's a big free gig in Southsea and an acoustic show in Bristol with our good friends Ben Marwood and Oxygen Thief. Hurrah! Hit the LIVE link over there >>>>>>> for more details.

Finally, I just finished a third bunch of songs but I'm 90% sure I'm going to bin them and do a different project instead. Either way, we have studio time booked in August, so expect new material sometime soon..... ish.

Lots of love,

(thanks for the people who took these, I stole them off of Facebook)

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